Decorating weddings and special events over the years, I've often helped clients with other aspects of their events besides the decorating. I want to share that information and advice with you. I also want to highlight other event vendors whose work I like and different local venues. I invite you to ask questions as well.

Monday, May 17, 2010


We are all so busy with our hectic day to day lives - and even more so when planning a wedding. But we need to make a conscious effort to stop and pay attention to the little nuances in life. All those vignettes throughout our lives are really what matter the most. Cherish those moments, as all the rest is largely a just a backdrop for them.

No one ever gives me flowers. I believe because I design with them that people are intimidated about giving them to me. But I would be delighted to receive them! Recently my five year old son asked if he could cut some flowers in the back yard and I said sure. He came in shortly after and presented me with a tiny fistful of flowers. I gave him a hug and thanked him, put them in a cup of water and continued with the dinner preparations.

Later in the evening as I turned on the light by my bedside, I discovered a glass of water with a single flower floating in it! At some point he had procured a glass from the kitchen cabinet (no small feat for someone so small) and snuck upstairs unnoticed (good parenting) to leave me a lovely surprise “arrangement” – the best flowers ever.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sweet Pea TV

On the WE channel tomorrow morning at 9:30am EST a segment (about wedding flowers, of course!) I had taped a while ago will be aired. Check it out!