Decorating weddings and special events over the years, I've often helped clients with other aspects of their events besides the decorating. I want to share that information and advice with you. I also want to highlight other event vendors whose work I like and different local venues. I invite you to ask questions as well.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


There are many potentially scary things that can happen with weddings. There are the stories of downpours and bee infestations. There are tent mishaps, dress mishaps, decidedly inappropriate toast mishaps. And of course we've all heard about the horror of Bridezillas. Some of us have even crossed paths with them and have lived to tell.

Then there are simply the brides with frightful taste, like one bride I met who wanted a “diamond shaped” bouquet in pink, red, yellow, blue and who knows what else. This was the same bride who was much more concerned about her brother's boutonnière than the groom's..?!

Another spooky occurrence I encountered was when a bride purchased her own votive candles for her wedding – that were scented! When I opened the first case of them I thought my hair had blown off, for the smell was so overwhelming. Always use unscented candles for events. Let the fragrances of the flowers and aromas of the food be enjoyed and not overpowered by a fabricated smell.

Potentially horrifying things can happen with weddings at other times of the year too. One very hot day - hence not the best condition for placing anything precariously on a butter cream iced cake - we were to add a few flower accents around a figurine the bride had bought to top her cake. The figurine was of a Bride and Groom in a seated position to be placed on the edge of the top tier with their legs hanging over the side. It was heavy, not intended for cake decoration and with nothing to stick into the cake to secure it. Needless to say, as soon as the caterer placed the figurine on the cake it tumbled down the entire side creating quite a gash.

Surprisingly, the caterer then tried to place it on the other side and, of course, now there were two sides of the cake completely wrecked! Apparently already having a bad day, he stomped off to attend to other issues in the kitchen. We waited for him to return to fix the icing before we placed the accent flowers, but he didn't. With just moments left before the guests were to enter the room, we quickly decorated the cake liberally with flowers. I must say, it did turn out boo-tiful! Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It seems everyone has ABCs for everything. So, I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring as well. My initials stand for: A for Aesthetic, B for Beauty and C for Creativity.

A for Aesthetic. The aesthetic of your event should begin with your save the date cards and continue right down to the last of the favors. There should be a sense of continuity in all aspects of your decorating, which makes it feel like one celebration - not five! This means from the get go deciding issues like; Will your event have a more modern feel or a more romantic feel? Is there a theme? What is the color palette? These questions often can be decided by what best compliments the site, or sites, you have chosen. Then again, sometimes it's fun to juxtapose different styles. And doing that can work quite well - if carried out throughout your event!

B for Beauty. Of course everything should be beautiful! Which is why only the freshest flowers should be used, linens should be spotless and your venues should be well-maintained. All these things go back to trusting in your vendors and knowing they will do their jobs competently. Another thing to consider is to not put too many elements in the mix. With so many possible options available sometimes it's difficult to narrow things down. While one idea is beautiful in one application it might not be in another. And as they say, too much is TOO MUCH! Go ahead and have opulent arrangements and sumptuous linens. But keep the additional elements and tchachkas to a low roar, as they can take away from the overall visual impact. This is where your florist can help you to edit so that everything works together attractively.

C is for Creativity. I always strive to be creative, even with the smallest of elements for an event. There's always some twist you can do to add interest. Perhaps a few jewels nestled in a pretty bouquet to add an extra little sparkle. Or maybe the addition of a flower on each place setting or a ribbon tied around each napkin - in your signature color, of course. Again your theme, be it an actual theme or just a color or a sensibility, will spur on ideas. One bride had a monogram of her and the groom's initials as their theme. Their monogram was tastefully used throughout their event - on their invitations, cake, special lighting on the dance floor and so on. In keeping with their theme we created a banner with the initial of their last name in flowers to hang in the entrance stairwell. Flanking that were wire letter forms with flowers attached of their first initials - letter perfect!