Decorating weddings and special events over the years, I've often helped clients with other aspects of their events besides the decorating. I want to share that information and advice with you. I also want to highlight other event vendors whose work I like and different local venues. I invite you to ask questions as well.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Black is my favorite non-color. And like White it can be dressed up (there is that little thing called a Black Tie Event!) or dressed down nicely. In times past no one would think of wearing Black to a wedding as it was seen as a sign of mourning – maybe for some that is still true! Nevertheless, a bride recently wrote me asking for ideas of how to incorporate Black into her wedding decoration.

If your bridesmaids are wearing Black, which is very common these days, there are a couple of approaches. Other than dead flowers (which we do not like!) there aren't any truly Black flowers. Although, there are flowers with Black parts. Anemones come to mind first. They have a Black center with surrounding petals that come in White, Blush, Red, Magenta or Blue. Ornithogalum Arabicum also have Black centers, but with clusters of White petaled flowers on each stem. There are Black centers on some Sunflowers. But, consider that the combination of Sunflowers and Black can make for a very Autumnal or Halloweeny feel, which is fine if that is the look you are going for. There are also deep Burgundy Mini Calla Lilies and Uluhe Fern Shoots that can read as Black too.

If you don't want Black within the flowers of the bouquets they can be tied off with pieces of fabric from the Bridesmaids' dresses or sheer or opaque Black ribbon. Another idea for tying off the bouquets could be to have a band of ribbon of a different color and then wrap a thin band of Black ribbon (either opaque or perhaps an ornate Filigree design) on top of it. Also, instead of using the usual White Pearl pins, putting Black Pearl pins either on Black ribbon or a different color ribbon can be very pretty. An alternative for the Black pins would be Black Rhinestones attached to the enclosure or nestled amongst the flowers.

Beyond the personal flowers Black can have a place at your guest tables with specialty linens, chairs, chair cushions or chair covers. The vessels used for the centerpieces could be Black or have accents of Black. Using Black river rocks can lend the centerpieces a more modern or Asian feel. Surrounding candle holders are another option for introducing Black to the tables. Also, tying Black ribbons around each guest's napkin or having Black within the table numbers (on either the frames or the graphics) are other nice touches.

Of course Black can (and should - to carry the theme) be introduced on the save the date cards, invitations and place cards in the text or graphics. The cake is another fun place to see Black. Having tasteful Black bands of a delicate Filigree pattern on White icing looks spectacular! If you want to be very graphic and bold, pairing Black with bright colors like Turquoise, Orange or Hot Pink can be a great visual statement - and these intense colors will virtually pop in front of a Black Bridesmaid's dress! But I do love the classic neutral palette of all White and Ivory with accents of Black. Adding some Blushes or even Light Pinks into the mix is quite lovely. Yes, Black is a great addition to the modern wedding. It's as clear as...!